Resources and Tools

Non-Tariff Barriers Resources

This page provides a range of tools and resources to support awareness and understanding on the actions Government is taking to address non-tariff barriers.

These resources will be updated as new products become available.


Information about non-tariff barriers and the whole-of-government effort underway to address these barriers has been published in the following newsletters.

  • Business Envoy August 2020

    Business Envoy - August 2020

    This article on COVID-19 and breaking down non-tariff barriers was featured in Business Envoy August 2020 - The Road Back edition.

  • Business Envoy

    Business Envoy - May 2019

    This article was featured in Business Envoy May 2019 edition, about how Non-Tariff Barriers can impede trade and what the government is doing to address this. Features a case study about meat exports to the Middle East.

  • Freight & Trade Alliance publication - Across Borders

    Across Borders

    The article was featured in the Freight & Trade Alliance publication ‘Across Borders’ on pages 44-45 of the e-book.


  • Non-tariff Barriers Action Plan

    Action Plan

    A print-ready version of the Action Plan available for download and distribution as needed.

  • Non-Tariff Barrier Action Plan postcard featuring map of Australia

    NTB Postcard

    Promotional postcard for distribution at events or meetings as needed, to point business to the website for more information and assistance.

  • Infographic about working together to enhance market access. Non-Tariff Barriers Action Plan: Taking action on trade barriers. 10,000+ visitors to the Gateway website and businesses reached profiling the Non-Tariff Barrier Action Plan; 30+ agricultural market access achievements; 300+ potential Non-Tariff Barriers being addressed across government; 20+ industry sectors assisted by government regarding actual or potential Non-Tariff Barriers; 70+ markets where potential Non-Tariff Barriers are being progress

    NTB Report Card

    Print-ready report card for distribution at events or meetings as needed.

  • Preview of fact sheet

    NTB Fact Sheet

    Fact sheet for business providing detail on how to report a trade barrier. 


  • What is a Non-Tariff Barrier?

    Find out how the Australian Government is tackling non-tariff trade barriers to open market opportunities for exporters.

  • Support for businesses in Australia

    Find out about the range of government services available to support businesses through COVID-19 and beyond.