Government and Business in partnership

Taking Action Now

A whole-of-government effort with business is underway to roll out a new action plan.

Government is working closely with industry associations and interested businesses by testing ideas to make it easier for business to access the help they need, improve collaboration between government and industry, and increase the transparency of the processes and information.


This action plan is dynamic and will be continuously improved in response to new information and business feedback. We will develop new processes and products in stages, providing an opportunity for continued consultation, engagement and improvement.


Listen to business: consult on how concerns are raised and action is taken


Test new ways of working together: involve industry associations and business stakeholders in planning and advice


Share experiences and feedback: in joint government-industry forums


Review and refine actions: modify and adapt approaches based on feedback through industry working groups


Evaluate progress and outcomes: regular two-way reporting on status of prioritised trade barriers

Action we are taking now

Our action plan will adapt to the global economy’s fast-changing landscape. Our response will be flexible and dynamic, continually testing, learning and improving.

Australian businesses have new opportunities stemming from technological advances, demographic shifts, economic development and new consumer preferences. However, our exporters also face emerging challenges and risks when governments respond with new barriers to trade.

Implementation of the action plan is being overseen by a joint government and industry advisory group.

A dedicated trade barrier coordination team has been set up to register and track action on trade barriers. It is a multi-disciplinary unit drawing on expertise from across government.

The trade barrier coordination team will monitor progress and regularly report to the business community.

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Supporting Services Exports

Australian Government have consulted with the services sector and prioritised issues to work on with industry. Find out more about the Services Export Action Plan.