COVID-19 information for exporters

As part of responding to COVID-19, the Australian Government is committed to maintaining open and connected supply chains, and to removing unjustified trade barriers.

COVID-19 is a serious global health crisis and governments have implemented emergency measures to help keep us safe. There will also be far-reaching economic impacts and it is as important as ever for goods and services to flow. This is why the Australian Government continues to advocate for a stable and open global trading system and for any measures taken by trading partners in response to COVID-19 to not create unnecessary barriers to trade.

If COVID-19 measures are impeding your exports, you can report your trade barriers here.

Need more advice on COVID-19?

Information for Australian exporters and importers about the economic response to COVID-19 is available on the DFAT website.

See for COVID-19 information, support and resources for business.

For the latest advice in Australia visit or download the Australian Government Coronavirus app available from the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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Non-tariff barriers can be any kind of 'red tape' or trade rules that unjustifiably restrict the flow of goods and services and are inconsistent with trade rules.

The Government is taking action to remove these kinds of trade barriers for Australian businesses in overseas markets. We are rolling out an action plan to make it easier for businesses to access the help they need, improve collaboration between government and industry, and increase transparency of processes and information.



Right now, we are testing new ways of working to address non-tariff barriers. We invite you to be part of the process. Download the Action Plan here.