Non-tariff barriers can be any kind of 'red tape' or trade rules that unjustifiably restrict the flow of goods and services and are inconsistent with trade rules. The Government is taking action to remove these kinds of trade barriers for Australian businesses in overseas markets.

Report a Non-Tariff Barrier

Australia is a trading nation and we are committed to open markets. We have a growing number of comprehensive free trade agreements that eliminate tariffs and provide mechanisms for closer engagement with trading partners. 

Australia’s 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper recognised that non-tariff barriers have emerged as a prominent issue for many Australian exporters. By some estimates these barriers cost as much as three times more than tariffs and other formal trade barriers. 

The Australian Government has committed to working with industry to address non-tariff barriers including raising concerns with other countries, pressing for action through the World Trade Organization and negotiating free trade agreements. The Non-Tariff Barrier Action Plan explains how all this will happen. 

Addressing non-tariff barriers is a key element of the Government’s efforts to support economic recovery from COVID-19 and create market expansion opportunities for Australian exporters.  


Supporting economic recovery is best achieved by maintaining open and connected supply chains and removing unjustified trade barriers. If COVID-19 or other measures are impeding your exports, you can report it here. Further information for Australian exporters about the economic response to COVID-19 is available on the DFAT website. For intelligence on market developments, visit our Market Insights webpage.